Ramya RanganathanSeptember 4, 2012 at 9:04 PM

Never realized the number of years after school until I read the post. Good old days, those Yellow and Orange color in Camlin and Red and Blue in Natraj !!
Pen pencils, hero pens , brown covers, cw (class work )books, hw (home work )books !! The list is endless :)

What reminded you the Geometry Box ??
Just wondering on the Natraj geometry box. Paruthiveeran too had a childhood romance that is possible only during 80s. not sure the criteria with which people will accept movies as CLASSICS

Place: Korukonda, East Godavari Dt, Andhra Pradesh, Country: India
Natraj Geometry box is one of the favorites of our time (1990s). It was a very common item in every kidís school bag. It was the most expensive of all items I used to carry to school (excluding school bag). Apart from the geometric functions, this box used to serve as storage box for money, goodies etc. I saw friends keeping their favorite Godís photo, time-table, stickers etc inside the box. The noise (due to metal compass, pencils, pens, sharpeners etc inside the box) of the box when kids walk or run in the school compound was very familiar in those days. Boys keep it in their pockets and girls used to carry them around the school as if its their hand bag.